This is the day of the fulfilling of latter day prophecies in the
books of  Revelation and Daniel;  and end time prophecies
revealed by so many of the prophets of old.  These are the
last days,  the days of  the pouring out  of God's judgment
upon the world; and the days of preparation for the Bride of
Christ:  for His coming is nigh at hand,  and the Bride must
be prepared for the coming of the Bridegroom.

The Word And Prophecy is a web site created with the
hope and plan to inspire, instruct, and bring revelation of
the Word of God to God's people.  God speaks to His
people through  the inspired Word of God,  and through
prophecy, and through inspiration and revelation given to
the five fold ministry  through anointed sermons  and the
inspired messages that are going forth in the Kingdom
of God today.

Throughout the Bible God always revealed His way, His
will, and His plan to the prophets;  whether it was to be
judgment upon the wicked,  or to be a promise that He
would fulfill for the righteous. God said that nothing would
come upon His people unaware;  for He will always give
instruction,  counsel,  and warning,  to His people through
the mouth of His chosen prophets.

God has not changed,  He continues to do the same today;  
but, today we don't have to seek out a prophet in order to
hear from God:  for as the sons of God,  we can hear from
God for ourselves if we are filled with His Spirit, and are  
willing to take the time to seek His face. We are the children
of light and not darkness: therefore let us walk in the "Light."
The darker the night grows,  the brighter the  "Light"  will
shine. The greater the battle in these last days, the greater
the victory. Let's not forget that the Word of God declares
that we are on the winning side, and the
victory is ours.
End Time Revelation  of the events to take place before
the coming of Christ.  A study of the prophetic books of
Daniel and Revelation.              
End Time Prophecy   Is latter day prophecy from the
Word of God; and prophecies for the hour in which we
are living. God is still speaking to those who will hear.   
The Word And Prophecy is a website dedicated to
teaching on end time Bible prophecy,  and what to
expect in the last days just before Christ's return.
The Word And Prophecy
Inspired Messages  An online "Bible Study" of messages
inspired by the Spirit of God,  and given by God unto the
Church for the purpose of instruction,  guidance, warning,
and comfort in these troublesome last days. These are the
days that we, as the Church, the Bride of Christ, are being
made ready for  the coming of the Bridegroom,  for the
coming of Christ is very near.
A study of end time prophecy, and latter day prophecies in the
books of Revelation and Daniel. The sun is setting, and gross
darkness is closing in: God's final judgment is on the horizon.
The Word And Prophecy
The Word And Prophecy
Teaching On End Time Bible Prophecy
We are living in the last days, the time for the fulfilling of latter day prophecies   
in Revelation and Daniel.  We're living in the most crucial hours of time planet
earth has ever known.  This is the day of  "Preparation " for the coming of the
"Bridegroom."  It's the time of "Preparation" or "Separation;"  time for making
ready to leave, or being idle, and being left behind.