God ordained and designed change, seasons of change in the
earth;  and not only in the earth  but also in  the lives of men,
specifically,  the children of God.  We readily  recognize the
seasons of change  in the earth;  but don't always recognize
the seasons of change in our own lives. And just as the natural
seasons upon the earth have an explicit purpose that is always
clearly demonstrated with great change as they come forth, so
does the seasons ordained of God  in the lives of His children
have a specific  plan and purpose  that will bring forth change,
growth, strength, beauty, and renewed faith.

What is a "Season?"  A season is a fixed time, a proper time,
a due time, a particular time, an occasion or opportunity. And
as the seasons that the earth goes through  brings a particular
change relative to that particular season, so does the seasons
of change  in our life  bring forth change  comparative  to the
seasons of change in the earth.

The Spring Season:   "Spring" means a new beginning,  to
begin, the time to bear, bud, bring forth, recover, or restore.

"Spiritual Spring," too, is a new beginning, a time to bring forth
new life, to recover,  to restore what has been laying dormant,
and without signs of life  throughout the winter season.  For a
new Christian it is the season of new birth,  a time to bud and
bring forth new life, a life of great change and new beginnings.
But even the mature and weathered children of God will
experience the "Spring Season" over and over again in their
Christian walk;  as the appointed time for renewing and for
restoration arrives after a time of trial and testing,  and going
through what seems to be a winter season  where there's no
manifestation of abundant growth or life. But remember there's
always life in  the winter season  no matter how cold,  frozen,
and dead everything appears to be;  for just below the surface
the root system is  still alive and thriving,  it's just at rest;  and
bulbs below the surface are multiplying, for the season of rest
is just a time of preparation for the burst of new life and great
change that will take place  when the "Spring Season" arrives.  
We all await with great expectation the "Spring Season,"  but
there would be  no spring season  without first  going through
the winter season, that time of being dormant, of being at rest,
and being in preparation for the forth-coming Spring.

Even the birth, life, and death of Jesus was a spiritual "Spring
Season"  for the earth and mankind;  for this definitely was a
time of new beginnings (new covenant, new birth, new priest-
hood, new temple, new sacrifice), and a time to recover that
which Adam had lost in the beginning, a time of long awaited
restoration,  a time of fellowship and  relationship with God
being restored.

The Summer Season:  "Summer" Is a warm season, a time
of heat, a time to work, a time of growth,  maturity, a time of
producing fruit,  and a time of harvest  at the end of summer
and the beginning of "Fall."

During these two seasons of new growth, maturity and a time
of producing fruit,  it's important to remember that we, as the
planted of the Lord,  need spiritual food  (the Word of God)  
just as the natural plants  require feeding  from time to time;
the natural plants  also require water  to sustain them in the
heat and the dry times  that are so prevalent,  especially
during the summer season.  We, too,  as the planted of the
Lord, need water (the Spirit of God) to sustain us, and give
us refreshing, during the "spiritual summer season" when we
going through hard, dry, and trying times.

Also remember that the fruit we produce determines our
"Harvest;" and the fruit that we bring forth is determined by
the strength of the  "Root"  that we are  coming forth from,
and the richness of the "Soil" that we have our seed planted
in. We, ourselves, our spirit, is the soil in which the seed, the
Word of God, is sown;  the soil must be fertile (conditioned
for, and capable of reproducing or development) in order for
the "Root" (Jesus) to bring forth new growth, and to give that
growth strength to mature and bring forth fruit.

Good Root= Good Fruit;  Good Fruit= Good Harvest.

What is the "Fruit" that God is looking for us to bring forth, to
produce, as the planted of the Lord in the earth?  The answer    
is in Gal. 5:22-25 which reads,  
"But the fruit of the Spirit is
love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
meekness, temperance
(self control): against such there is no
law. And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the
affections and lusts.  If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in
the Spirit.

A sign of growth and maturity is when a child of God learns to
control his temper and his tongue: and begins to manifest the
fruit of the Spirit, which is the life of Christ within us; Christ the
"Root" bearing the plant, and bringing forth good fruit. When a
tree in the natural bears fruit  it does not partake of it's own
fruit, but others are partakers of it; and so it's true, also, in the
spiritual realm, that we bear fruit that others may be partakers
of it. Six of the nine fruit of the Spirit are manifested in, and
through us, for the benefit of others; only peace, joy, and faith
are we ourselves  partakers of:  and peace and joy are the
reward of God in us, and for us, after we have manifested the
other seven fruit of the Spirit  for the benefit of the Kingdom
of God. Faith is a fruit of the Spirit and also a gift of the Spirit:
faith is essential and beneficial  for each child of God, and for
all those around him; for the Bible tells us that it is impossible
to please God without faith.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of
things not yet seen.  Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing
by the Word of God.

What we become, and what we bring forth as Children of God,
is determined by what we take in,  just as in the natural realm
the strength and health of our natural bodies is determined by
what we eat. In the natural everything that we eat goes through
change as it  goes through a  natural digestive system;  the
hamburger and pizza,  and other foods  that we eat  do not
come out like they went in,  but the food  we take in goes
through change and comes out in a different form than when
it went in. Even so does the Word of God, as we are partake
of it, go through change within us as it is digested (consumed,
absorbed, adapted, incorporated, and brought into conformity)
within a spiritual digestive system.  The Word of God comes
out changed, as it changes us; and the new form that it comes
forth in is as fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, long-suffering,
gentleness, meekness, goodness, temperance, and faith.

Even as some people have trouble digesting certain foods
in the natural,  so do some of  God's people have trouble
digesting (absorbing and conforming to) certain things in the
Word of God;  some have a bit of trouble with forgiveness,
some trouble with anger or self-control (temperance), but the
answer to a spiritual  digestive problem  is the same as the
answer to a natural digestive problem: just take a dose of an
"antacid" (something to neutralize the acid, or harmful causing
agent).  A good dose of the Holy Ghost will calm things down,
and will neutralize (render inactive) the harmful causing agents
(any work of the enemy).  But the Holy Ghost will only render
His services when He is invited to be a participant, and when
He is yielded to;  for the Spirit of God does not force, neither
invade.  Bearing good fruit,  and keeping a healthy spiritual
digestive system going  is a work that  we must do through
reading the Word of God, through much prayer, and through
faith and total trust in the Lord.

Prov. 12:14
A man shall be satisfied with good by the fruit of his mouth.

A man shall eat good by the fruit of his mouth:
but the soul of the transgressor shall eat violence.

Prov. 21:23 Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth
his soul from troubles.
(a still tongue rules a wise head)

Isa. 3:10
Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him:
for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.   
In other words, "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall
he also reap."

It's in the spiritual  "Spring" and "Summer"  that we begin to
take on the appearance  and characteristics  of what we are
going to be in the kingdom of God,  whether it's to be a rose,
something of beauty, or a stink weed, something that will bring
reproach upon us and the kingdom of God.  Again the choice
is ours, for it's up to us to stay connected to the "Root," to be
fed by the Word of God,  and to be watered and refreshed by
the Spirit of God.  If we are faithful  in these things then God
will never fail to help us,  sustain us, and strengthen us as we
go through these seasons of change.

The Fall Season:   "Fall"  Is a time to decline, to change from
one condition  to another,  a time of transition.  In the "Fall"
growth begins to  slow or stop;  everything begins  to change,
and plants and trees become dormant. To be dormant is to be
inactive, unfruitful, not producing temporarily;  but new life and
new growth will come forth again when "Spring" returns.  God
ordained times of change and times of rest for the earth and
also for His people.  Although trees and plants look dead and
unfruitful in the Fall and Winter seasons, they are only at rest,
but very much alive,  as their roots  continue to  grow and to
gain strength, getting ready to burst forth with new growth and
beauty when the new Spring season arrives.

The Winter Season:  "Winter"  is a time of cold, dreariness,
adversity, to be dormant, at rest, inactive, death.

A spiritual "Winter" season is just as the natural winter season.
We enter a place of dreariness  and a place of adversity; and    
to the natural eye  there's nothing happening,  no growth, no   
work, no producing fruit,  and no harvest.  But don't look with     
the natural eyes  at your circumstances;  remember there's a  
great purpose for the winter season; rest with confidence that
God has everything under control.

Some plants, the annuals, are destroyed by the winter season,
and have to be replaced.  There are things  that God wants to
"replace"  (restore, take the place of) in us;  often times the
flesh must be put to death  that the Spirit can  take it's place,
and God be glorified.

Prov. 24:10   If thou faint in the day of adversity,
thy strength is small.

Ecc. 11:8     But if a man  live many years, and rejoice
in them all; yet let him remember the days of darkness;
(winter and adversity) for they shall be many.

Look past the "Winter" season and concentrate, focus, on the
"Spring" season that is  sure to burst forth  with it's new and
abundant life;  a new beginning, with new hope, new strength,
and renewed faith.

Year after year, as time goes on, the plants that are restored
each "Spring" become bigger and stronger,  having a better
and stronger root system:  and they will  produce more fruit
after each seasonal change in their life. The same is also true
for the people of God who will allow God to bring forth change
and transformation  in their lives;  we, too,  will see our root
system getting stronger, and the fruit we bear more profitable,
thereby being of greater benefit to those around us,  and also
bringing glory to God.

Each season,  whether natural or spiritual,  has it's own God
ordained purpose, each season has it's own beauty, and each
season has it's own obstacles to over come.  But remember,
each season also has it's  God ordained time to pass,  and   
make way for another season to come forth.

We should always emerge from the season that we have been
in with renewed faith, a greater wisdom and knowledge of God,
and a testimony of deliverance  to share with others;  for after
all this is the plan and purpose of God for our lives.
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The Word And Prophecy
The Word And Prophecy
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