Let's look at the lives of some of the fathers and patriarchs of the faith,
in the Old Testament, that paved the way before us. We should be able
to learn from their experiences,  whether they were positive or negative
experiences;  taking to heart their triumphs,  and their failures.  But,
unfortunately man has always had the fault of only being able to learn
from his own mistakes;  I guess the old adage,  "Once burned,  is a
lesson learned,"  has a lot of truth to it.  It's true that we learn from our
own experiences;  but it's also true that a lot of pain,  disappointment,  
and suffering could be avoided if we could learn from the mistakes that
others have made.

In the very beginning,  just before the great and notable flood,  
a man named, Noah. Let me begin by giving you the definition
of the word,  
prove,  according to the Bible Concordance.  The word
"prove"  means to test,  and try by trial;  to tempt, and examine;  to
discern,  and approve.  I'm sure you will agree  that in the 120 years
that Noah spent building the ark he must have endured a lot of ridicule
and mocking,  and sheer frustration,  dealing with the wicked and the
unbelieving;  not to mention the work  that was involved in the
monumental task of building the ark.  But Noah knew God,  and he
trusted in God;  so therefore he was obedient to the word that he had
received from God.  Noah didn't deviate from the task, nor the explicit
instructions that he had received by the mouth of God,  no matter how
complicated and frustrating things may have gotten.  Noah was first
proven,"  and then "approved;"  he was judged favorably by God, for
God was pleased with Noah,  and he was sanctioned by God, and
ordained to be  the type and shadow  of Jesus Christ  in the role of
being the one to
establish a new beginning in the earth.

The end result for Noah and his family, because of Noah's faithfulness
to God,  was their salvation,  and their's alone,  when the rest of the
world,  and every living thing upon the earth  was destroyed.  Through
Noah's obedience despite the oppression and opposition that he must
surely have faced;  it was he, at the last that
proved God;  for after the
test and the trial  were over Noah  was blessed by God  and his name
has lived on throughout all generations.

Another man in the  Old Testament  that was  "proven by God"  was
Abraham. God spoke to Abraham and told him to leave his home and
family, and all that was familiar to him, and go to another land wherein
he would be a stranger.  Abraham was obedient to the word,  the will,
and the plan of God;  and God was faithful to bless him.  Again, God
tested Abraham when He told him to sacrifice his son Isaac upon an
altar as a sacrifice unto God;  and Abraham proved  faithful and trust-
worthy, as he was willing to do whatsoever God asked of him, even to
the killing of his own son.  But we know the end  of that story was that
an angel of God stopped Abraham from killing Isaac,  and supplied a
ram for the sacrifice.

The end result for Abraham and his seed that would follow throughout
all generations was that God would make Abraham the father of many
nations,  and his linage the one through which the Son of God would
one day spring forth from. We, as the born again sons of God are the
seed of Abraham through Jesus Christ, the first begotten Son of God.
And because
God proved Abraham his name has lived on throughout
history as a man whose faithfulness  was accounted unto him as
righteousness;  and his seed became as innumerable as the sand of
the sea shore.  Abraham was the type and shadow of the one who
establish a new covenant between God and man, the covenant
of circumcision,  which would be fulfilled through Jesus Christ and the
New Testament.

The beginning of God's covenant with man began with a family, the
covenant of circumcision which began with Abraham, the father of
Israel; and was then established through Isaac, the son of promise;
and was spread abroad throughout the earth through Jacob, whose
twelve sons became  the twelve tribes of Israel.  The fulfillment of
God's covenant with man was with a family, the family of God in the
earth, God Himself,  being the Father;  and that family was then
established in the earth through Jesus, the Son of promise; and then
the family and kingdom of God was spread abroad throughout all the
earth by the Holy Ghost, the third person of the Godhead.

1. Abraham, the father; and God, the Father
2. Isaac, the son of promise; and Jesus, the Son of promise
3. Jacob, the seed dispersed; and Holy Ghost, the seed dispersed

Then there was Moses,  another of the patriarchs  of faith that God
tested and proved throughout his lifetime; a lifetime that was ordained
of God from his birth.  For Moses was  a
type and shadow of the
"Great Deliverer" of God's people
,  Jesus Christ,  who like Moses,
delivered God's people from the place of sin,  bondage,  and unbelief
that they were being held in by the enemy.  The great work and calling
of God that Moses was destined for called for him to be tried as gold;
for his calling was one that would lay the foundation for not only for the
plan of deliverance, but also for God's law of sacrifice and obedience,
the priesthood, and the temple of God in the earth.

Moses was raised  as the son of  Pharaoh's daughter,  having great
riches and fame,  and anything that he desired could be his;  yet, he
gave it all up to be a defender of the Hebrew people. And when God
called Moses to deliver His people from slavery and bondage in the
land of Egypt,  Moses surrendered  his life and his  future to God
becoming a vessel that would be tested and tried through forty years
of great trials,  temptations,  disappointments,  and sorrow.  But
through it all Moses remained faithful and obedient to God, except for
the time that he smote the rock, when God had told him to speak to
the rock. But, hey! Moses had to deal with over three million rebellious,
murmuring,  complaining,  ungrateful people who actually angered God,
Himself,  to the point where  He told Moses  that He was  going to kill
them all.  But Moses stood in the gap for the people, and sought God
on their behalf,  and God relented and spared them all.  But it was
because of their murmuring,  complaining,  and rebellion against God
and Moses that caused them to have to wander in the wilderness for
forty years.

The end result for Moses  was that after he  had finished his course,
and God had proven him, and he had proven God, he was a hundred
and twenty years old; and God told him that it was time for him to die.
At such a ripe old age  the Bible tells us  that his eyes were not dim,
nor his natural force abated,  for God had kept him  in strength and
health; and he went upon the mountain to die in the presence of God,
and God buried the body of Moses.

We have all heard the story of Job,  and how that even tho  he was a
righteous man, and served God faithfully, he was tried by God through
great trials and great sorrow.  God had great confidence in Job,  and
that's why when  the enemy confronted  God about Job  and his faith-
fulness,  He was willing to allow  the devil liberty in testing and trying
Job.  And although Job suffered great loss  when everything that he
owned was destroyed,  and great sorrow when all ten of his children
were killed, he still refused to turn his back on God, nor obey his wife
who told him to curse God and die.  And the last test being a time of
suffering great pain in his body, he still held on to his faith and trust in
God, saying, "Tho he slay me, yet will I trust in Him." (Job 13:15)

Job was the type and shadow of one who would stand in faith, one
who would believe God, no matter the circumstances  that he faced;
established, he set up on a firm base, a faith and trust in God that
has been read about and passed down through countless generations,
all because he was proven and approved by God. The end result for
Job was that God blessed  the latter end of Job  more so than his
beginning; for he restored to him double all that he'd had before, and
gave him once more seven sons and three daughters. The story of
Job has stood as a testimony throughout all generations to the
faithfulness of man to God,  and the faithfulness of God to man; and
how that God tests, tries,  and proves His people, but that He is also
a rewarder of them who are diligent in seeking and serving Him.

God had a purpose and a plan in the things that transpired in the lives
of all these men  who went before:  in all the trials  and the hardships
they had to endure,  because they were the forerunners of faith, the
type and shadow of what God would accomplish through Jesus and
the New Testament. Noah was the forerunner of one who would bring
forth a new beginning upon the earth;  and a new covenant that would
include a promise of life and not death.  Abraham was the forerunner
of one who would establish a covenant of circumcision,  one who
would cut away the flesh, and dedicate his life to God; and one whose
seed would be a family set apart unto God in the earth.  Moses was a
type and shadow,  a forerunner of the Deliverer of God's people, and
one who would establish the law of God,  the priesthood,  and the
temple of God.  Job was one who went before,  to exercise faith and
trust in God in the face of great trial and adversity;  one who proved
that God is faithful to,  and a rewarder of,  them who stand steadfast
in faith and trust in Him no matter what the circumstances are.

These men were
proved by God  through the trials they went through,
but they also
proved God by standing steadfast in faith, and they saw
the faithfulness of God, great deliverance, and great victory, when the
work and the plan of God was finished.

When Jesus came He fulfilled the work that these men of faith started
in the earth; their work was one that was manifested in the realm of the
flesh, but Jesus wrought a work  that would be manifested in the realm
of the Spirit. Through the work that Jesus wrought we have deliverance
from darkness and the enemy, salvation from sin, healing for our body,
the Spirit of God abiding within us, power and victory over the devil (if
we will exercise it),  and the promise of eternal life.  Through the new
covenant,  the New Testament,  we have a relationship with the Lord
in the realm of the Spirit,  that those who went before us could never
imagine or dream of.

God never changes: His covenant changed, the sacrifice changed, the
priesthood changed,  the temple changed;  but God and His Word will
never change.  God still calls  men of God (that includes women, for
they are sons of God, too) to a specific purpose and plan that He has
ordained for them;  and He still tries and proves  His people through
trials of faith, circumstances, and things that we don't understand while
we're going through them.  But we must stand in faith,  always trusting,
and knowing that God will bring us through the flood,  through the fire,
and through the battle, because His Word declares that He will;  and
He is a God that cannot lie and cannot fail.  And remember,  if your's
is a flood, a fire, a battle,  that seems to be greater than anyone else
around you,  and greater than you've ever experienced before:  it just
may be that God has  a greater purpose  and plan for you,  and a
greater reward when the work is finished;  just don't give up,  nor give
in; but seek Him for answers and direction concerning His will, and His
plan for your life.

We are not the children of darkness, but we are children of light; and
the Scriptures tell us to  walk in the Light.  Only as we draw closer to
Him, the "Light,"  will we receive revelation, inspiration, counsel, and
direction from the  throne of grace.  It's a shame,  but it's also true,
that sometimes it takes a trial to get God's people to realize that they
need Him,  and to get them to  take time to seek Him.  We live in a
busy,  fast pace world,  where there seems to be so much to do, and
so many places to go, that we just can't seem to fit God into our busy
schedule.  But let me say  that if there's anything  or anyone that we
need to find time for, it's God. He knows all the things that we're going
to face, He knows our future, he knows what we're going to have need
of; and He's the  "One"  who has the power to work in our behalf,  and
bring forth our deliverance.

I need God! Do you need God? If you do, let Him know it. God wants
to know that we appreciate Him, and that we appreciate all that He has
done in times past,  and all that He is doing for us now,  and all that He
has planned for us in the days to come.
Jesus Is The Light Of The World
Proven And Approved By God
In the Scriptures we find that those men who were
chosen by God  to establish a  specific work that
would stand  throughout many  generations were
proven, tested and tried by God,  before His plan
could become a finished work; even as the potter's
vessel is not a finished work, and the vessel ready
for use, until it is sent through the fire.  And looking
at the lives of those men  that God proved through
great trials,  the end result was  that they found a
place of faith,  and strength,  and rest in God, that
many others did not experience; and their purpose
and work was established forever.
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