The Word And Prophecy
The Word And Prophecy
God is still speaking to His people,  revealing those
things that are yet to come: shedding light on what is
now shrouded in darkness.  God makes known unto
His people what is to be,  for we are not the children
of darkness; but, we are the children of light.
There's a shaking in the land, for my judgment is going forth.
Keep your eyes upon me,  for I am your strength and shield.
You shall feel the shaking,  and hear the rumbling,  and with
thine eyes thou shalt see the destruction;  but I shall keep
those that are mine in the palm of my hand,  and thou shalt
be safe from harm. I am God!  I am God!  And I know how
to keep those that put their trust in me.

Fear not those things that shall come upon a wicked and a
rebellious world, for my judgment must go forth.  Stand in
faith when persecution comes against my kingdom, for in  
your weakness you shall be made strong. I am He that shall
judge, and He that shall divide; and I am He that shall deliver
those who keep their eyes upon me.

Although great change is upon the horizon, remember that I
change not. The same God that wrought deliverance for His
people in times past, shall also send forth deliverance in the
days ahead.

And although darkness be great upon the earth: the light of
my countenance shall guide and direct the path of my
people. Keep your eyes, my people, upon me. Look to me!  
Look to me!
This is a prophecy that came forth
from God on May 24, 2010
Jesus Is The Light Of The World