Prov. 29:18   
Where there is no vision, the people perish:
but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

Here in this Scripture God ties together the vision that He
has for His people, to the covenant He has made with His
people.  The vision is a revelation  of something that has
been revealed,  or made plain to us;  and something that
we keep in view before us, and contemplate with pleasure.
But we can't expect to apprehend,  to lay hold on,  to see
the fulfillment of, the vision that God has given us if we do
not first hold fast to, and keep the covenant that we have
made with Him.

Before the foundation of the world,  God, himself,  had a
vision that He set before Him,  and that vision was of the
cross of Calvary,  and the work that  would be wrought
there through His Son, Jesus Christ. Without this "Vision
of God" all people would have perished.  For this "Vision
of God" was also the "Plan of God;" A plan where-by God
would establish the  "Family of God,"  the "Kingdom of
God,"  in the earth. The Bible reveals to us that the cross
of Calvary, and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the perfect,
spotless,  sacrificial Lamb of God,  was ordained before
the foundation of the world.

Eph. 1:3-4
Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly
places in Christ: According as He  hath chosen us in Him  
before the foundation of the world,  that we should be holy
and without blame before Him
in love.

2Tim. 1:9                                                        
Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not
according to our works, but according to His own purpose
and grace,  which was given us in Christ Jesus before the
world began.

Rev. 13:8                                  
And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose
names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain
from the foundation of the world.

All things that transpired from the very beginning of time
were all pointing to, and all leading up to,  the "Cross of
Calvary."  All things that took place in the Old Testament,
in God's covenants,  and in the lives  of God's people,
were all pointing to the cross, and were all fulfilled at the
"Cross of Calvary."

The Plan of God to bring forth the Family of God in the
earth began with the fore-fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and

1.Abraham-------the father            
1. God-------------the Father

2. Isaac------------the son of promise   
2. Jesus-----------the Son of promise

3. Jacob-----------the one through  which the family,  the
nation of Israel,  was established  and dispersed in the
earth. The nation of Israel was formed through the twelve
sons of Jacob, whose name God changed to Israel.
3. Holy Ghost----the One through which the family of God
is dispersed in every direction,  north,  south,  east,  and
west, in the earth.

Jesus began the family of God being the first-born among
many brethren;  then the Holy Ghost came to fulfill and to
finish the work that Christ began,  the work of building the
Family of God, the Kingdom of God, in the earth.  

"On the way to the Cross"  Abraham and Sarah brought
forth Ishmael (representing flesh, or what flesh manifests);
and then Isaac,  the son of promise,  the second born,
representing, or was a type and shadow of, the Spirit man,
which was ordained of God to manifest righteousness.   

Again,  "On the way to the Cross" Rebekah,  the wife of
Isaac, brought forth twin sons, Esau and Jacob. The twin
sons born of Rebekah are a type and shadow of the time
when flesh (Esau) and Spirit (Jacob) would abide in, and
come forth from, the same body. Esau was the first born,
and symbolizes the flesh,  born first a man of sin;  and
Jacob was the second born, symbolizing the Spirit man,
born again by the Spirit of God; and the second born to
be the one to  manifest righteousness,  and the one to  
receive the birth-right, and blessing from God, the Father.

The name Jacob means  "Supplanter,"  which means "to
displace and take the place of."  That's what Jacob did
when he deceived Esau  and caused him to relinquish his  
birthright and the blessing from their father:  the birthright
and blessing which belonged to Esau because he was the
first born son.  But in the plan of God it would be the 2nd
born, the one born again by the Spirit of God,  that would
receive the birthright and the blessing from the Father.

The time came when God changed Jacob's name to Israel,
which means  "he shall rule as God."  It was God's plan for
the 2nd born,  the spirit man,  born again by the Spirit of
God,  to reign and rule  over the flesh man,  through the
righteousness of Jesus Christ.

All these things spoken of were set in order, and transpired
according to the will and the plan of God, and the vision of
the cross that God  had set before Him.  The Cross of
Calvary was always in view before Him as God worked in
the lives of "Pre-Calvary" mankind.

Again, "On the way to the Cross" Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz
played a very pertinent part in the pre-calvary scope of
things that pertained to the Plan of God and the Kingdom
of God in the earth.  God foresaw,  through the vision
before Him, the time when He would make a way for all
mankind, not just the Jews, to be in covenant with Him.

"On the way to the Cross"  there was always a type and a
fore-shadow of things to come; God ordained for the Jew
(Boaz),  and the Gentile (Ruth),  to be joined together in
covenant. This was the plan of God, for it symbolized the
time when the Gentiles would to be brought into covenant
with God along with the Jews.  Everything that transpired
in the lives of Naomi and Ruth,  and Ruth and Boaz was
always pointing to, and leading up to, the cross.

Even in the building of the early temple by Solomon, God
had Solomon build two pillars on the porch in front of, or
before entering into,  the temple.  The pillar on the right
God told Solomon to name Jachin, which means  "he will
establish, set up, prepare." This symbolized the covenant
of the Law,  the Old Testament, through which God would
establish, set up, and prepare His covenant with the Jews.
The pillar on the left  God told Solomon to name Boaz,
which was the one that represented the new Covenant of
Grace through which God  would join the Jews and the
Gentiles in covenant,  and the one  through which Jesus  
would be a direct descendant; for Boaz and Ruth became
the great grand-parents of King David,  the royal ancestor
through which Jesus would descend. So the two pillars
signified the  two covenants  that God would  make with
man,  through which man would have access and entrance
into the Temple of God,  the Temple that would be made
without hands, built by Jesus Christ, himself.

All the grievous things that Naomi had suffered in the land
of Moab were ordained by God,  although Naomi voiced
the opinion that she thought God was working against her.  
Naomi was looking  at her circumstances,  and her over-
whelming grief; she wasn't looking ahead to the promises
of God;  she didn't realize that all the while, in the midst of
the pain of losing her husband and her two sons, that God
had predestined her to be used in His great,  eternal, plan
to redeem man kind,  both Jews and Gentiles,  from their
state of sin, and alienation from God. Naomi had no idea
that her place in the great master plan of God would see
her name recorded in the annals of history,  in the Word
of God, for ever.

We, too, like Naomi, look at our circumstances, and the
darkness that we are  sometimes surrounded by in the
midst of a trial;  or the dry and barren wilderness that we
at various times find ourselves in, forgetting that God has,
before-hand,  told us that we would  experience all these
things.  But God also promised that He would be with us
at all times, never forsaking us, and that He would make a
way of escape for us, if we would but put our trust in Him,
and walk in obedience to His Word.

Again,  "On the way to the Cross"  there was Esther,  the
virgin chosen to be the "Bride of the King,"  one who had
to be purified, and made ready to be joined unto the "King,"
one who found favor with the "King," being granted life and
not death; and one who was put in the position of standing
against the enemy of God's people,  to intervene,  and to
intercede,  for the salvation  of God's people.  Who does
that remind you of?  Who is called to  that place and that
position today? Is it not the "Bride of Christ? For she was
ordained by God from the foundation of the world, having
a place of pre-eminence in the great "Vision of God."

Esther didn't know that everything that transpired in her life,
whether good or bad,  was preparing her  for a particular,
specific,  time in the history of her life,  and in the lives of
her people, the Jews.  She didn't realize that being left an
orphan,  and being raised by her uncle,  Mordecai,  was a
preordained part of God's bigger,  eternal,  plan for her life;
a specific time in the history of Israel, when she would play
a crucial part in the salvation  of not only her own family,
but also the entire nation of the Jews.  Under the influence
and the guidance of Mordecai she would become not only
a bride,  but a queen,  and would find  great favor with the
king, and be granted whatsoever she asked for. It was "for
such a time as this" that she was brought into the kingdom.

We, too,  have One whom we did not  have our beginning
in, or spring forth from in the realm of the flesh,  but One
who was  chosen and  placed by God  in our lives;  One
whose influence and guidance will transform our lives, and
bring us to a specific time and place in the bigger, eternal
Plan of God. It's God's plan for us to be influenced by, led
by, and completely surrendered to Jesus Christ.  Not only
our own salvation, but also the salvation of others that we
are a witness to depend upon it.

Even Samson was a type and a shadow "On the way to
the Cross"  of what lay ahead  in generations  to come
when the "Vision of God" would be fulfilled.  Samson was
a  "Nazerite," as was Jesus, and the word Nazerite means
"to be consecrated and separated unto God."  Samson
was endowed with great strength and super natural power
from God, which was a fore-shadow of the time, under the
New Testament  through Jesus Christ,  that God would
endow His children, born again by His Spirit, with strength
from on High.  Jesus was the first  begotten Son of God,  
filled with the Spirit  and the power of God;  but He was
also the firstborn among many brethren that would be filled
with, and would manifest, the Spirit and power of God.

Samson,  the pre-calvary Nazerite,  was pointing the way
to the cross of Calvary, and the death of Christ that would
take place there. It would be a time and place in the history
of planet Earth when all things would begin anew, and man
that was born again by the Spirit of God would become a
new creation, manifesting holiness in the image of the Son
of God;  and he would  be given the  Holy Ghost through
which man would be endowed with power from on High.

Luke 24:49                                           
And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you:
but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem,  until ye be endued
with power from on high.

Acts 1:8
But ye shall receive power,  after that the Holy Ghost is
come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both
in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto
the uttermost part of the earth.

From the beginning, with the fore-fathers, thee have been
three different manifestations of the Word of God, the first
being the
"Written Word" under the Law of Moses, the Old
Testament;  then the second being the
"Spoken Word" by
the prophets;
and the third being the "Word of God by the
which is the New Testament, through Jesus Christ.
Moses was the first witness under the Law, which was the
manifestation of the Written Word of God;  and he set up
the covenant,  and established  sacrifice and obedience,
that was necessary under the works of the Law.  Moses
was the "Pre-Calvary Deliverer" of God's people from the
place of bondage and unbelief that they were in while in
the land of Egypt;  and he was commissioned by God to
lead them out of that place of sin, bondage, and unbelief,  
into a land of promise and blessing prepared for them by
God. He was a type and shadow of Jesus, our Deliverer,
who came to set us free from sin, bondage, and unbelief;
and Jesus, too, was given a commission by God to lead
His people into a place of promise and blessing, that was
prepared for them by God.
On The Way To The Cross
God had a vision, that He kept in view before Him from the
foundation of the world.  It was a vision of all that would be
accomplished at the death of His Son, Jesus, on the cross
of Calvary.   Everything that transpired in the lives of those
under the Old Testament  was a type and shadow of what
Jesus would fulfill through His death and resurrection.
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