A well in the natural is a source of water, which is a source
of life;  and so is a spiritual well a source of life-sustaining
water (the Spirit),  and everlasting life.  There are many
"wells" that we will go to in our relationship with Jesus, our
Lord and Savior, that our spiritual transformation can take
place, and our needs might be met.  Available for us in the
Kingdom of God  are many wells of refreshing,  salvation,
love,  healing,  peace,  joy,  and even a well of prosperity.  
But,  remember prosperity in  the eyes of God is to have
success, to overcome every obstacle, and to accomplish
His will, and His plan for your life.

Isa. 12:3
Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the
wells of salvation.

Going deeper in the realm of the Spirit will takes us into
another sphere of  knowledge and understanding of the
manifestation of the Spirit of God,  not known or accom-
plished in the realm of the flesh.  There's a well,  a deep
place of  "Knowledge and Revelation"  that we have not
yet reached,  but is made available to all who are willing
to tap into it; reaching greater depths, and higher heights.

Psa. 36:6
Thy righteousness is like the great mountains;
(high) thy judgments are a great deep.

Psa. 92:5
O Lord, how great are thy works, and thy thoughts
are very deep.

The word  "Deep"  means depth,  a subterranean water
supply hidden from view of the natural eyes.  Our carnal
mind of flesh will never see,  nor reach,  nor understand,
what the Spirit of God has to reveal, and to make known,
to those who dare to go deeper, to seek for, and find the
hidden stream of divine inspiration and revelation.

John 4:14
But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him
shall never thirst;  but the water that I shall give him shall
be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

We, ourselves, are "wells" if we have been born-again by
the Spirit of God;  and as wells we have tapped into the
ever flowing stream of water,  the "Living Water," Jesus
Christ. But remember, there is more than one type of well;
we must keep our well deep, free running, and pure. There
are five kinds of wells that I can think of that we, as God's
people, can be portrayed as; and four of them are wells
that we should strive never to be.

1. A "Dry Well," is a well that is not connected to a water
source;  this well is of no use,  and has no value,  it has
been cut off because of sin and disobedience.

2. A "Shallow Well," is a well that has no depth; this well is
subject to becoming polluted by surface contaminates that
can seep in because it's water source is not deep enough.

3. A "Poisoned Well," is a well that has become
contaminated with something that is poison; and this is
a well that becomes detrimental and dangerous to others.
The poison that  can contaminate our well  may come
from false doctrines, bitterness, anger, hatred, pride, or
jealousy. It's very important that we protect our wells from
these contaminates; and the way to protect your well is to
keep digging deeper, stay in the Word of God as much as
possible, and continue in prayer, seeking the face of God.
When we seek His face, we seek to know and recognize
Him; and the more we know about God and His Word,
the less likely we are  to be led astray, or fall into Satan's

4. A "Plugged Well" is a well that has been stopped up by
something that  has stopped it's flow,  and it's connection
to the source of water supply.  A well can be  stopped up
when trash,  debris,  or mud are allowed to build up,  and
are not cleaned out at regular intervals.

5. A "Deep Well," is a well that has depth, it has been dug
through the earth (things pertaining to the flesh), and then
through the rock (Christ, the "Rock) into an ever-flowing
stream of living water.

For our eternal soul's  sake we must stay  connected to
the source of "Living Water," for it is in Him  that we have
eternal life. There are many ways that the bible reveals to
us that we are given access  to be connected to, eternally
joined to, Jesus Christ, the Son of God; by whom we are
then joined   to God. Below I have listed five of them.

1. Father and the Son
2. Bridegroom and the Bride
3. Vine and the Branches
4. Shepherd and the Sheep
5. Eternal Fountain of Living Water and we ourselves
as the Wells

We must keep our wells clean, and unbroken, free from
poison, and ever going deeper;  and in doing so we will
not only ensure our own well being, but those around us
will also benefit,  whether it be our family,  our friends,
neighbors, or co-workers. For we, as wells, should be a
supply of life giving strength to those around us.

Jer. 2:13
My people have committed two evils; they have forsaken
me,  the fountain of  living waters,  and hewed  them out
cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.       

Everything in the Old Testament was a type and shadow
of what would  be manifested and  accomplished in the
New Testament,  including the  concept of wells being
used to typify a place or position in the lives of God's
people.  In the book of Genesis,  the 26th chapter, Isaac
and Rebekah move to the land of Gerar; and God greatly
blesses them there.  Isaac becomes  so great,  and so
wealthy, that the king of the Philistines, Abimelech, says
to him, "Go from us; for thou art much mightier than we."

And so Isaac and Rebekah leave;  and finding another
place to dwell,  there Isaac  digs again the  wells of his
father, Abraham, for the Philistines had stopped them up
after the death of Abraham. Our enemy today still seeks
to stop up our wells,  our source of drink and spiritual
refreshing. When Isaac digs the first well he finds a well of
spring water;  but the herd men in the area strove against
him for the well,  so he called the name of the well "Esek,"
and leaves.  The name Esek means "dye" or "paint."  
When something is painted  it's appearance  or outlook
changes, and so did the outlook (prospect for the future)
of Isaac's  well change,  from being  his possession to
being the possession of his enemy.

Sometimes our enemy  thinks that he  has us defeated,  
and has caused us to suffer great loss; when all the time
it's just that God has another plan for our life,  and some-
thing better for us up ahead.  We fail when we try to fight
our own battles;  for if we know that  we are in the right
according to  the Word of God,  and we have  a clear
conscience before God, then the battle belongs to God;
and He says,  "Vengeance is mine."  And remember
another thing that the Word tells us, "That all things work
together for good  to them that love God,  to them who
are the called according to his purpose."  (Rom. 8:28)

Isaac's servants dug another well and the enemy strove
against him  for it also,  so he called  the name of the
second well  "Sitnah,"  which means  "opposition"  or
"adversity." And Isaac left that well, too, and moved on
to dig another well, which the enemy did not try to take
from him, so he called the name of that well, "Rehoboth,"
which means to "widen" or "broaden,"  a broad place
(room to expand, no longer squeezed by the enemy).
And Isaac said, "For now the Lord hath made room for
us, and we shall be fruitful in the land."

And after  awhile Isaac  decides to go  to Beersheba  
(means "well of an oath"), where he pitches his tent, and
there tells  his servants to  dig another well.  Then here
comes Abimelech,  and a friend,  and the captain of his
army; to whom Isaac says,  "Why have you come to me,
seeing that you hate me,  and have sent me away from
you."  To which they reply,  "We saw certainly that the
Lord is with thee:  and we said, Let there be now an oath
between us, even between us and thee,  and let us make
a covenant  with thee."  And so Isaac  makes a feast,
where they eat and drink, and make a covenant with one
another; and so Isaac calls the name of the well that his
servants were digging "Shebah" which means "an oath."

Let us learn a lesson from the life of Isaac, and the Word
of God:  that if we keep digging (seeking, searching, and
drawing closer to the well of living water)  then we,  too,
will reach a place in God  where we will leave behind the
constant struggling, and warfare,  and will find that place
of peace and rest that God has ordained for His people.  
Those who walk in the Light will escape the darkness,
those who walk in love will leave behind hatred and evil,
those who walk in peace will overcome war and strife,
those who walk in joy will find strength.

It's God's desire to bless and increase His people, but He
can't bless where there's sin,  disobedience,  or rebellion.
If we are obedient to the Word of God,  and put God first,
then He will  move us up  in the ranks  of prosperity and
blessing.  Remember that sowing comes before reaping;
so let's sow good seed, and reap a harvest of blessing.

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper
and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.
Dig A Deeper Well
Wells," spiritual wells, are dug when we, the children of God,
have a need that can  only be met by God;  for instance the
need for salvation,  healing,  peace,  joy,  comfort, etc. The
word  "well"  in the Bible Concordance means to "dig;"  and
the word "dig" means to delve into,  to seek,  to search out,
explore.  This is what we must do  if we want to learn more
about the depths of the Lord,  if we desire  to uncover the
hidden treasures  that are in the  Word of God.  Only in the  
things of God  can you  go higher,  and go deeper,  at the
same time.  Going higher we'll  find a greater revelation of
who He is;  going deeper we'll find  a greater knowledge of
who we are in Him.
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