Where and when did the home and family, and our nation
and society,  begin to lose  moral ground  and spiral into
such immoral degradation?  When God  was removed
from all areas of  man's life and government,  especially
the home and family; because this is initially where every-
thing begins. Children are not being influenced by, nor are
they being taught good moral standards and conduct.
What begins  in the home will  extend to the Church, our
society,  and our nation and government.  When God,
Christian moral standards, and virtue are removed from
the home and Church,  they will never  be established in
society and government.

The plan and  the work of God  in the earth began with a
family, Adam and Eve.  And then again, God's plan for a
covenant between Himself and man began with a family,  
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,  who were the fore-fathers
and patriarchs of  the faith and God's covenant.  Then
came the time when God fulfilled and completed this plan,
that He had ordained from the beginning,  the Family of
God in the earth:  sons of God,  beginning with Jesus,
the first begotten Son of God.

God's plan for planet earth began with  "a man;" then God
gave the  "woman"  to man to be his help mate,  and to
make him complete and productive. Like it or not, man is
not whole, complete,  and productive without the woman.
God took a "rib" from Adam's side  and created Eve; for
the woman is  ordained to be by the  side of man, not
behind him, as in some cultures;  neither under his feet,
nor under his thumb,  but by his side,  a companion and
help mate.

A man and woman,  as husband and wife,  are joined
together by God to be one flesh; and God ordained an
order for the family;  and God's order according to the
5th chapter  of Ephesians  is for the husband  to be the
head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the Church.
And in that  same chapter it says  that the  husband is to
love his wife,  even as Christ loved the Church, and gave
Himself for it;  and also for husbands to love their wives
as their own body.  I think if men were fully obedient to
this scripture,  women wouldn't have a problem obeying
their husbands. But, this message is not about a husband
and a wife, but it's about the Church, and what has to be
done to  get the Bride  prepared for  the coming of the

Pro. 31:10-12
Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is
far above rubies.
The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her,
so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do
him good and not evil all the days of her life.

This scripture speaks of a virtuous woman; and this is
what God expects of, not only a Christian woman, but
also the Church,  and that includes  the Christian man;
for just as we women are sons of God,  so are the men
the Bride of Christ. The lack of "virtue" in the world today,
and also in God's children,  is one of the problems that
has led to the dis-function and downward spiral of moral
and spiritual values.  The other problem that has led to
disorder,  confusion,  and disaster,  is the lack of Godly
order in the home,  the Church,  and in our society and

The word "virtue" means to have inherent, commendable
qualities,  and as a Christian we  must also add inherent,  
Christ-like qualities.
The word  "inherent"  means innate qualities,  or inborn,
existing from birth;  and as the children of God we have
been born again, and God has placed within us inherent,
commendable,  Christ-like qualities  that today are not
being allowed  to surface in the  kingdom of God,  and
come forth as God desires them to.

If you read through the rest of the scripture in the 31st
chapter of Proverbs, it tells us of all the commendable
qualities that  a virtuous woman has,  and all the good
work that she does. She exhibits great love, compassion,
strength, and even light to her family and neighbors. This
tells me that she is the "Heart" of her home,  even as her
husband   is the "Head"  of their home.  There are two
vital, controlling members in the body, the head, and the
heart.  The head houses  the brain which  controls and
governs through  thought,  wisdom,  knowledge, and    
intellect; and the heart is the center of love, compassion
and feelings,  and it pumps blood,  and life,  through the
body.  Remember wives,  the
heart must be right for the
head to make right decisions and choices

The body can survive, not fully function, but survive, if the
"Brain"  is damaged  or even dead;  but the body cannot
survive if the  heart stops functioning,  for there's no life
without the heart.  So God's order for the family is for the
husband to be  the head of the home,  the priest of the
home, and provider for his household; and the wife to be
the heart,  the light,  and emotional strength of the home.
What an overwhelming  change for the better  we could
see in our homes,  churches, and society, if God's order
was instituted and followed.

Pro. 31:19  
She layeth her hands to the spindle,
and her hands hold the distaff.
This scripture, in particular, is one that I think gives good
reference to the Church,  the Bride of Christ.  The word
"spindle"  means a "director;"  it's the rod that turns the
distaff in spinning.  The word "distaff" means a woman,
or a woman's work or activities, and also the female line
of descent in a family, the distaff side. The distaff holds
the wool that is to be spun,  or twisted into thread, to be
used in weaving fabric  to make garments  to clothe the
naked (those without Christ the Bible tells us are naked).
So the
spindle represents God,  who leads, guides, and
directs the Church, and the
distaff represents the Church,
that is used to do the work that will ultimately result in the
naked being clothed.  Remember this,  the work of the
"spindle," the director, cannot be accomplished without
the distaff;  but the
distaff is useless without the spindle.

"She, the Church, must lay hold on God (lay hold on the
spindle),  and hold fast,  being diligent,  concerning the
work of God (the distaff),  if the gospel of Christ is to be
fulfilled in the earth. Even as the wife is the heart, the light,
and the strength of the home, so is the Church the "Heart,"
the "Light,"  and the "Strength"  in the kingdom of God in
the earth. There's a vitally important, strategic, work to be
done in these last days,  just before the  coming of the
Lord; and the distaff must be working proficiently with the
spindle to accomplish that work. The Bride must be made
ready for the Bridegroom;  a Bride that's complete,  and
without spot, wrinkle, or blemish.  

There must be change, and there must be order; but it
has to be according to "God's order;"  and virtue must
begin to come forth from the kingdom of God, from the
body of Christ:  manifesting in the family,  the Church,
and in our society.  Change first begins with "me," then
change will take place in the "family," and then, and only
then, will change take place in the Church.   

We have been at ease too long in Zion.  In Amos 6:1 the
Scripture says,  "Woe to them that are at ease in Zion."
To be at ease means  to be lulled into a false sense of
security; doing nothing, unaware of approaching danger,
being idle.  To be "idle" means to be inactive, not in use
or operation (as a machine), running while not connected
to do a work (not in gear;  "wired," but not connected to
the power source).  Does this remind you of the Church
today?   We as vessels of God are to be like "conduit,"
which is an instrument through which the Spirit and power
of God is carried from the  source of supply to the place
where it is needed.  The building of the temple of God is
the most important construction work on the face of the
earth today.  Let's get about the Father's business, which
is, not only the building of,  but the completion of, God's

Ecc. 10:18
By much slothfulness the building decayeth; and through
idleness of the hands the house droppeth through.
The Church, A Virtuous Woman
We are living  in a day of  dis-functional homes,  families,
and even dis-functional churches. There's a lack of order,
control, moral standards, and a lack of virtue in the earth
today. And God is saying,"Get it together, things have to
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